Ostara at The Stone Pentacle!

The snow has melted, the ground has thawed, and the Stone Pentacle is turning green again!


Our Wiccan, Witchcraft, and Occult Supply Store

…is your one-stop source for occult, magickal, and ritual items for all benevolent paths, including Wicca, witchcraft, sorcery, folk magick, ceremonial magick, Voodoo/Voudoun/Hoodoo, Santeria, and Palo. This is the place everyone gets their stuff from! Please stop by ‘for a spell’…

Potions, Scry, Books and CD’s, Candles and Incense, Clothes & Jewelry, Implements.

Our Exclusive Designs Shop

…is now featuring works by artist and healer Martin Bock, and will be adding other artists, including Leon Wlodyka over the next couple of weeks! Please stop in and visit!

The Perfect Pagan Dictionary

“The Dictionary that Informs”, is the premier pronunciation resource for Wiccans, witches, and Pagans of all stripes.  We welcome suggestions for additional words. As we say here in Massachusetts, its “WICCA-GOOD!


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